Skill Set of David Edeburn

David Edeburn’s fancy skills for html5 banner ads

Being a Motion Director with a focus on Display Ad creative means I must have a myriad of skills.  Especially now with the mass migration over to HTML5 land I must have a great sense of aesthetic, be able to interpret the core messaging of a campaign and translate that into motion that enforces this narrative.  But in order to do that I have to be able to animate in software like After Effects CC 2015, Adobe Edge CC 2015, Flash CC 2015 Canvas HTML5 environment and as if that wasn’t enough I have to code in HTML, CSS3, Javascript and use libraries such as create JS, Greensock’s code library, and various CSS libraries.  This year I feel much more like a true developer, it’s been a really fun test of my coding chops, some of which were admittedly rusty. 🙂

Being a Director means that I’ve spent years training people to do what I do and helping our digital department with our integrated marketing strategies, pitch decks, scope documents and the like.

So without further adieu here is a list of skills in no particular order, basically pulled right off of my profile here.



Digital Media 


Web Design

Social Media Marketing


Integrated Marketing

Mobile Devices

Creative Direction

Interaction Design

Digital Strategy

Web Development

Interactive Advertising 

Digital Marketing 

User Experience 

Marketing Strategy 

Rich Media Banners 

Media Planning 

Social Media 

Animation / Motion… 

Creative Strategy 

Mobile Applications 

Video Editing / Motion Graphics (After Effects / Premiere)

Thanks for reading,

David Edeburn

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