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Thanks for visiting! This site is intended to be a resource for HTML5 Animation and Development specifically for Banner Ad (Display Ad) Creative.  I’ve provided information about various software, coding languages, plugins, optimization tips, and techniques to help you make the transition from Flash to HTML5.

Check out this page if you want an overview of the software and languages needed to build banners in HTML5 or check out this page if you want more information about how to deal with the lack of IAB standards on filesizes for html5 banners.  You can also check out this page which dives deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of the various tools and languages and covers workflows for situations like creating animated html5 banners at 50kb or even smaller (which is impossible without the right workflow).

David Edeburn is a Motion Director for an LA based Ad Agency focused on creating high impact HTML5 Ads across devices and platforms.  I’d love to work with you and your company on your next digital ad campaign.

Lets be honest, the public doesn’t like banner ads, they ACTIVELY ignore them on websites. So when David says his ads are incredibly engaging with some of his campaigns receiving click through rates of up to 27 times the industry standard you’ll understand that’s unheard of for banner ads.

David Edeburn have 15 years of experience working on massively effective integrated marketing campaigns for the top players in the video game industry and for captains of industry such as Google.

On Sept. 1 2015 Chrome will be stopping Flash promotions and our group is ready to help Agencies with the move over to

For the last two years of his career he has been absolutely focused on making exceptionally advanced low file size advertisements in HTML5. David Edeburn is certified in DoubleClick, Rich Media ads, HTML5 Certified, and prepared to help Creative Agencies and Fortune 500 customers alike.

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David S. Edeburn

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